the digital sketchbook of jonathan b.

Just a guy. I don't particularly care about much. I do enjoy some good drawing though. I like to draw pictures mostly. I really don't finish much of what I start. I've been drawing since I can't remember. I mostly prefer quick sketches to coloring and finishing a drawing.

When I'm not drawing, I'm probably doing something else creative, or lazy. I play guitar, but mostly just original music, I'm not really one for doing cover songs. I've been working on novel for a while now. I have a lot of ideas but not nearly enough motivation to follow through with most of them.

I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who, the new stuff, not the old crap (so sorry, I have no nostalgia for that as I didn't grow up on it). I like sci-fi movies, spy novels, superhero comics, video games, blu-ray, and basically anything else that fits the stereotypical nerd/geek/whatever.

I do work. I run a graphic and web design studio, BeOriginal, along with my dad. I really enjoy the work, when it's my own stuff, or when a client actually listens and works with us instead of against us. If I'm not playing games, drawing, or busy with any number of hobbies, I'm probably working, or at least "working". I love learning new things, which is great because web development is very much a moving target.

And that's pretty much it. Sad, I know.